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About Sulaway Unit

The Sulaway® unit is the heart of the Gazpack installation and is patented under patent number 20132230. The saturated, raw (bio) gas comes directly into the Gas Purifier, via a pressurized process using our patented Sulabeads the raw biogas is converted into three different outgoing flows.


1: Clean gas

The system is selective in the removal of sulfur (H2S) and reduces the percentage to a level of less than 50 ppmV, thus producing a green gas stream which is ready to be used, for example to generate heat in green houses or in an industrial process of a factory. Moreover, the green gas is processed in such a way that it is suitable to add to the natural gas network.


2: H2S gas

The Gas Purifier also produces a gas stream which is highly saturated with sulfur (H2S). This gas stream is harnessed and burned off in the quencher. Extinguishing the resulting flame arc creates a sulfuric acid that is useful for a variety of applications including purifying ammonium saturated air. The quenching heat can be used for the heating of offices ,but also for digesting processes.


3: Sulphuric Acid

The third stream which comes out of the Gas Purifier is water. This water is used to extinguish the fire arc within the quencher and make sulphuric acid. The essence of the Gazpack system is that it is a closed loop system where no waste products which would normally require costly removal and destroying processes are produced.


4: Removal of Carbon dioxide (CO2) content

The gas purifier does not only remove Sulphur but is also capable of removing CO2 from the biogas reducing its carbon footprint.



The Sulaway® unit is built according to the highest quality and safety standards in the industry. The main features of the package are explained below.


Safety instruments

All pressure regulated instruments are pneumatically controlled. In case of alarm or shutdown the installation will be automatically stopped and all instruments will be directed to their safe positions.

Gas Enclosure

The unit is completely enclosed by a gas tight enclosure. In case of emergency or gas leak the installation is stopped and a process is started to burn off excess gas in the system through an a incinerator, which is part of the quencher. There is always a backup supply of nitrogen to have a safe shutdown.

Energy usage

Several high power components are used inside the Sulaway® system. Yet the complete energy balance is well thought out. For example; heat generated by the compressor is used for regeneration of the Sulabeads. Also the water collected from the saturated gas is used in the quenching process, a small amount of additional water might be required.

Standby safety purge system



The nitrogen purge system of the Sulaway® unit is comprised of a nitrogen generator package. This package supplies the required nitrogen for the actuated instruments and always keeps a backup for safe shutdown of the unit.
For small capacities one might consider to buy the nitrogen locally.


Capacity control

It is essential to design the installation based on the actual input of gas. In order to compensate fluctuations in the gas input a bypass is made over the system. This gives the installation a wider range of usages and allows for future upgrades. At strong variations in production one might consider an inlet bag. At outlet a buffer vessel is foreseen, but for high capacities larger and therefore other types of buffers are required.

Are you interested in useful deployment of your biomass?

The Gazpack Sulaway® system can be applied in various gas streams and processes. Due to the modular building configuration and custom engineering, the Gazpack Sulaway® system can be integrated into any existing facilities and manufactured according client requirements. Our experience in both oil and gas industry as well as the agricultural sector allows us to build the best suitable installation for the required application. Our system can be purchased directly or leased.

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