Product Description

The containerised modular solution for the liquefaction of biomethane

CH4LNG is the AB solution for RNG liquefaction, designed to be installed downstream of a BIOCH4NGE® system, with which it integrates perfectly.

It is based on an integrated cryogenic process, at low operating pressure, divided into 3 phases: treatment, liquefaction and storage.

The cryogenic process underlying CH4LNG uses only electrical energy, excluding the liquefaction of RNG by heat exchange with liquid nitrogen in an open cycle (“disposable”) as micro-liquefaction presents more demanding conditions in terms of efficiency and flexibility.

For this reason, CH4LNG is the self-sufficient containerized modular solution, without the use of liquefied technical gases, also available for small and very small sizes, with competitive CAPEX and OPEX, plug-in operation and no N₂ consumption.


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