Product Description

Unison Biogas Upgrading


How does it work?

  • Biogas is piped to the Unison Biogas Upgrading System from a landfill or anaerobic digester
  • Constituents including hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, moisture, siloxanes, and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are removed to produce renewable natural gas (RNG)
  • RNG may be used for direct-use vehicle fueling or injection into the natural gas pipeline per the respective project’s specifications

Typical biogas begins with 60-80% methane, 20-40% carbon dioxide and is 100% saturated. Our upgrading system removes moisture and particulates from the gas, while the selective multi-stage membrane system reduces carbon dioxide. The final renewable natural gas quality has a methane content of 98% or higher and less than 2% carbon dioxide. Depending on inlet gas quality, removal of hydrogen sulfide and siloxanes may also be necessary.

Our engineering staff designs each system to specific pipeline specifications and site requirements. All of our systems are built to Class I, Div 1 specifications and are thoroughly tested before leaving our facility to ensure a quick installation and startup.

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