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Biomethane feed-in installation

The Bio2grid installation from gAvilar is the connection between a bio methane production installation and the public gas grid. Through this installation a gas producer can control inject gas into the natural gas network, whereby the system can accurately measure the amount of gas supplied, but also ensures that only gas with the right quality is feed-in.

The installation is built in accordance with NEN 1059 and monitors the gas quality at the applicable feed-in conditions. The Bio2grid is also equipped with a pressure regulator and all necessary safety valves. All relevant measured values of the system are presented in a web portal that also stores all data and saves it is at least 2 years. With this web portal, you can make analyzes and graphs of the various components in the biogas.



  • Design according to NEN-EN 12186
  • Welded according NEN-EN 12732
  • Standard design
  • Applicable in 4 and 8 bar sub grids
  • Other grid pressures optional
  • Works autonomously and independent
  • Compact installation
  • Complies to Dutch supply conditions
  • Remote control through internet connection
  • Fraud durable, only grid owner can change parameters


Operating principle

The Bio2grid ensures the quality, safety and measured volume of green gas or natural gas delivered to the public gas grid. This is important for the grid owner, the producer and the end user of the gas.

For the complete detailed functionalities, download the Bio2Grid Brochure.

How does the Bio2Grid work?

The installation is a standard gas grid injection station, comparable to the well-known gas delivery stations used by companies to withdraw natural gas from the gas grid. The Bio2grid is equipped with a certified gas meter, including a gas volume converter, which can be used by the gas producer and the gas company to monitor the total gas volume injected into the gas grid.

No extra gas meter is required for the settlement of the payment with the gas company! Remote access to the EVC is possible through a GPRS connection.

The Bio2grid is also equipped with an advanced gas chromatograph, which measures the CH4, CO2, N2 and O2 content of the bio methane continuously. The Wobbe index and higher and lower heating value of the bio methane are calculated from the gas composition. Continuous measurement of H2S and dew point with separate sensors is standard in the installation. All these measurements ensure a continuous gas quality according to the supply conditions. The installation also features a sample point that can be used to take samples for laboratory analysis and measurements with gas detection tubes and hand analyzers.

At the heart of the installation is an automatic 3-way valve, which either lets the bio methane through to the gas grid, or sends it back to the production installation or a flare if the gas quality doesn’t satisfy all specifications.


How can the green gas feed-in installation be used?

The installation is ideal for gas producer and grid operator and offers safety and reliability.

The grid operator can rest assured that only gas is injected that comply with all quality specifications, at the correct pressure and within the agreed volume. The gas producer can also be certain that no off-spec gas is injected into the gas grid, and he continuously receives data about the composition and quality of the bio methane, with which the settings of the production installation can be adjusted.

The installation guarantees a safe connection with the gas grid, for grid operator and gas producer. The installation safeguards against all contingencies, such as injection of off spec gas, overpressure, and injection of excess gas volumes.

The installation also prevents gas flow back from the gas grids when the production installation loses pressure.


Design of the Bio2Grid installation: Standard and Compact

All functions of the installation have been bundled into one compact installation. The Green gas feed-in installation is delivered on a steel frame (for indoor installation) or in a weatherproof cabinet (for outdoor installation).

The installation is produced in a limited number of standard versions, in order to guarantee maximum reliability and a good price. There is a suitable Green gas feed in installation version available for every application, depending on the gas volume to be injected, the quality specifications and the pressure in the gas grid.

The installation is supplied including a complete service contract, so you can function installation always be certain of a properly functioning installation.


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