Product Description

Biogas Upgrading Equipment

Nacelle’s Biogas upgrading systems separate carbon dioxide (CO2) from methane (CH4) while removing H2S, H2O, VOCs, and all unwanted elements/contaminants resulting in pipeline quality, ready to use RNG.

Our systems are comprehensive and can include a variety of processes and process skids including:

  • Blower and Water Removal
  • Gas Desulphurization
  • Feed/Process Gas Compressor
  • Filtration and Treatment
  • Membrane Gas Separation
  • Desiccant Dryer and/or Buffer Vessel as needed
  • Product Gas Compressors
  • Key Instrumentation
  • Inlet Gas Flow Rate and Measurement
  • Intermediate process gas flow measurement
  • Product gas flow rate
  • Control System capable of managing RNG Upgrading System
  • SCADA system and remote monitoring options available as needed

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