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RTC-DAF Module Real-Time Control Solution: DAF Chemistry. Under Control.

Hach’s RTC-DAF module simplifies the management of your DAF processes and maximizes performance through real-time measurements and chemical dosing control, providing peace of mind and allowing you and your team to focus more time and energy on high-value tasks that matter most.

Real-time DAF process visibility
With real-time data and visualizations, you can see and understand exactly what is going on in the DAF process at any time, and how the software is responding. This visibility and new data eliminates guesswork and uncertainty, facilitates training and knowledge sharing opportunities, and offers a level of real-time understanding otherwise unattainable.

Consistent DAF results
Achieve your target effluent water and sludge quality in variable conditions and across all staff shifts, 24/7. This means peace of mind as it helps ensure production continues, you comply with permits, and your public reputation is protected.

Reduce effluent costs
Real-time control improves your DAF performance allowing for higher solids removal efficiency and a cleaner discharge. This reduces downstream utility fees and any environmental discharge costs, and aids with avoiding costly violations.

Save money on treatment
RTC-DAF minimizes chemical use while meeting your target DAF effluent water quality, avoiding both over-dosing and under-dosing of coagulant and flocculants. This leads to chemical savings and improves sludge quality, further reducing your sludge treatment and disposal costs.

We understand every plant is different
Hach has installed thousands of Claros Process Management (RTC) systems around the globe. Based on its modular design allowing millions of combinations, it fits almost all plant configurations and solves unique challenges. Only Hach offers a complete solution based on reliable analytical instrumentation and advanced algorithms. With Hach, you’ll benefit from our dedication to innovation and over 80 years of process expertise.

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