Product Description

EZ7200 Series Volatile Fatty Acids and Alkalinity Analyzer

Online, automatic monitoring of critical process parameters and process efficiency in anaerobic digesters.

A new control alternative for anaerobic digestion
Due to the expensive or time-consuming character of most analysis methods for anaerobic processes, industrial digesters are usually not adequately monitored. Developed specifically for monitoring anaerobic digesters, the EZ7200 Series bring the possibility of implementing new control alternatives to typical operating problems in mid to large scale digesters.

Critical parameter monitoring, online and automatic

Anaerobic digesters require monitoring of a specific set of critical parameters in order to obtain optimal production efficiency, compliance and biogas yield. The primary parameter is volatile fatty acids (VFAs), representing the metabolic condition of the anaerobic digester and responding quickly to stress induced changes, combined with alkalinity.

The EZ7200 Series are easy-to-operate online titrators using a unique and robust method for measuring the critical process parameters in one single run, enabling insight as well as full control over the anaerobic process:

  • Direct titration with minimum volatilisation
  • Continuous monitoring of the anaerobic process
  • Enabling higher loading rate for maximum CH4 production
  • Prevention of digester failure due to VFA accumulation
  • Easy implementation within a dynamic control strategy
  • Easy integration into corporate networks

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