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LNG Plants – Mini Scale Liquefaction Technology

Mixed Refrigerant (MR) Process: The Perfect Solution for Biogas Liquefaction

Wärtsilä offers the energy efficient Mixed Refrigerant (MR) liquefaction technology for low liquefaction capacities. Together with our fast track engineering model, this technology results in low investment costs and short manufacturing time.

The liquefier system uses mixed refrigerant technology, where one single MR compressor and one aluminum plate-fin heat exchanger (PFX) are the main components in the system. A standard chiller (pre-cooling unit) is incorporated to improve energy efficiency and to ensure stable operation of the MR process.

Wärtsilä provides the basic complete process package, to which can be added civil engineering and construction services. The complete plant can also be supplied as an EPC delivery. Once installed, Wärtsilä further offers Operation & Maintenance agreements that are tailored to the customer’s specific needs.


Key Benefits

Key advantages of the Mixed Refrigerant technology include:

  • Low power consumption – reducing OPEX
  • All components are conventional and of robust technology – reducing CAPEX
  • Designed for unmanned operation
  • Local control of LNG export – truck driver can load without assistance from main control room
  • Robust main rotating machinery with high efficiency – oil flooded screw compressor
  • Simple energy supply, only electric power source needed
  • Easy start up and shut down of all systems
  • Short delivery time
  • Easy shipment
  • Plug and play philosophy, skid based – relocation possible.



The Mixed Refrigerant technology can be used with a variety of small gas sources:

  • Biogas
  • Coal bed methane – CBM
  • Pipeline gas
  • Flare gas recovery
  • Landfill gas

Each type of gas needs to be cleaned to achieve low water content (1 ppm), and low amounts of CO2 (<50 ppm) and H2S (< 4ppm). Gas cleaning systems can also be delivered by Wärtsilä upon request.

The biogas liquefaction plant pictured beside was delivered to the municipality of Oslo. For this plant, Wärtsilä also delivered a mole sieve adsorption system for CO2 (2-subscript not superscript) cleaning stage.

To know all the details and technical specifications about Wärtsilä’s Mixed Refrigerant (MR) Liquefaction technology, please visit the Wärtsilä website or download the LNG Plants Brochure.

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