Product Description

As waste in a landfill or anaerobic digester decomposes, it produces a gas consisting primarily of methane and carbon dioxide. This methane is considered to be a potent greenhouse gas.

In the past, this methane gas was simply collected and burned in a flare stack for odor control and to prevent underground migration. Now, many landfills are using this methane gas to generate electricity or to produce high BTU (pipeline quality) gas. There three things accomplished using a landfill to gas recovery process.

  • Methane emissions are significantly reduced
  • This gas provides a renewable energy source
  • This gas can generally be sold at a premium under various incentive programs

The advantages to using our gas conditioning system in a landfill gas to energy (LFGTE) system are:

  • Effluents < 100ppb, Si < 0.5mg/m3.
  • Proven media life is greater than 12 months at all of Venture’s installations.
  • Removes NMOCs, H2S and Water.
  • Low Cost To Operate
  • Will Protect Downstream CO and SCR Catalysts from Fouling.

Breakdown of our gas conditioning system:

  • ASME-coded, blower purge heated selective adsorber vessels are constructed of 304 SS. Vessels include: fill and drain ports, pressure relief valves, temperature gauges and pressure gauges.
  • Package is provided with programmed Allen Bradley PLC controls, Ethernet module and HMI operation. Other controls are available upon client request.
  • Stainless Steel control boxes meet NEMA 4X.
  • One micron inlet coalescing filter and ten micron particulate after-filter per skid.
  • All process piping and fittings are 304 SS.
  • Stainless steel pilot air tubing for the entire adsorber (galvanized air header).
  • Process butterfly valves are Bray series 40 high performance, wafer style butterfly with stainless steel body and Bray series double acting actuators.
  • Unit is pre-piped, pre-wired and factory tested. Minimal on-site assembly required.
  • Non-carbon based media allows heated air regeneration controlled using the on-board PLC.
  • First fill of media is included.
  • On-site support provided for every start-up.

Another advantage to using our gas conditioning system is the removal of siloxanes. Why is this important and why are siloxanes harmful? Read more about siloxanes and the siloxane removal process. Here are a number of gas conditioning system projects we have been involved with implementing our system.


Top 10 Value Points

  1. Venture is a full service EPCM contrator first (Venture Engineering & Construction). We appreciate site integration issues, and we will work with you to be sure that our Gas Conditioning System fits seamlessly.
  2. Venture provides service before, during, and after your purchase. We will consult with you at no cost or obligation regarding your H2S and Siloxane and volatile organic content prior to recommending our Gas Conditioning System.
  3. Venture provides service during and after the sale. When you call, you speak directly to experts on gas treatment flares and other components, carbon monoxide (CO) catalysts, selective catalytic reductions(SCRs) and other gas conditioning system components.
  4. Gas Conditioning Systems are not “One Size Fits All” or “One Size Fits Most.” Our designs are custom-developed based on your system needs.
  5. Venture will not sell you just a piece of equipment. We will design the entire system from collected gas through to your SCR or CO Catalyst.
  6. Leave the visualizations to us. Venture Process Solutions provides 3D designs for review.
  7. We pride ourselves on “Customer Commitment,” treating you not as a number, but as an individual.
  8. The software communication is not proprietary, and it can easily integrate with the existing system.
  9. You have no fabrication worries! Venture uses its local fabricators, allowing us to maintain a hands-on approach while managing the entire build process of your System.
  10. Venture Process Solutions is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our Systems are quality, American-made products.

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