Product Description

Unison Pretreatment for Engine Cogeneration and Boilers

Unison Solutions low pressure blower systems are designed to treat biogas for use in boilers and internal combustion engines. Systems can be designed for any gas flow and for positive or negative inlet pressures; we choose blower technology that provides the best fit for the application.

Unison’s systems have utilized rotary lobe, regenerative, and multi-stage centrifugal blowers. We can also design redundancy into the systems if your operation requires minimal downtime for maintenance or repair. Our engineering staff designs each system to specific pipeline specifications and site requirements. All of our systems are built to Class I, Div 1 specifications and are thoroughly tested before leaving our facility to ensure a quick installation and startup.

Typical biogas from municipal, industrial, and agricultural digesters or landfills begins with 60-80% methane, 20-40% carbon dioxide and is 100% saturated. Our blower system removes moisture and particulates from the gas. Depending on inlet gas quality and air permitting requirements, removal of hydrogen sulfide and siloxanes may also be necessary.

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