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GraniteFuel’s Emissions Cleanup

With growing investments in green energy and increasing regulations around emissions, it’s never been more important to track and control your exhaust emissions. GraniteFuel originated as part of the emissions control and SCR expert DCL International Inc, and as such we have a strong background in exhaust gas cleanup. To this day, we remain part of the DCL Technology Group, and these strong ties give us the benefit of their technological advances, expertise and partnership. This means that we are able to provide an engine-exhaust control system, custom-engineered to integrate with your biogas upgrading system, and a tailpipe emissions guarantee. Our combined biogas-upgrading and exhaust-treatment technologies are so reliable that we can provide guarantees on both systems.

Benefits of a Combined System

Combining biogas upgrading and emissions control devices is becoming increasingly common and comes with a wealth of benefits.

  • Financial Incentive: In many industries, where emissions control devices are not mandated by law, they are encouraged by financial incentives like carbon credits.
  • PR Benefits: With growing scrutiny on large corporations’ green credentials and emissions reduction schemes, there are obvious benefits to integrating emissions control. A creditable exhaust cleanup system protects your reputation and improves your public image, encouraging potential customers to work with you.
  • Preemptive Action: With countries throughout Europe, North America and beyond set on slashing their emissions, regulations are only going to grow. By investing in emissions cleanup technology now, you’re insuring current and future installations and engine investments against future changes.


The GraniteFuel Advantage

The combination of emissions control devices and biogas upgrading is becoming increasingly common and has benefits for both systems. An integrated system improves efficiency, output rates and exhaust cleanup.

At GraniteFuel, our biogas conditioning systems process raw gas to the optimum levels for the smooth-running of both the engine and the exhaust cleanup system. Siloxane poisoning is the most common cause of premature emissions-control system failure. To counter this, we offer a temperature swing adsorption (TSA) technology. This high-tech system provides exceptionally high siloxane removal efficiencies, supporting the use of oxidation, 3-way catalysts and SCR systems in the engine or turbine exhaust. With our focus on high-efficiency equipment, we’re able to combine this peak performance with the lowest operating costs.

As part of the DCL Technology Group, we are also able to provide you with a tailpipe emissions guarantee when the GraniteFuel TSA is combined with DCL and AeriNOx emission control technologies.

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