Product Description

BTS-MPdry: Technology For Biogas Captures And Cleaning

BTS-MPdry is a multipurpose plant for capturing and biogas cleaning is suitable for any kind of biogas facility. This plant makes the biogas cleaning and at the same time prepared the biogas as raw material for its use in energy production or biomethane.

BTS-MPdryis a technology based on the combination of techniques for pollutant components removed from the biogas stream. By means of this technology, components such as water vapor, hydrocarbons, siloxanes, and H2S are removed from the biogas. It is based on two basic cooling-condensation and adsorption operations. The adsorbent media is selected for this purpose. It has an economizer that minimizes energy consumption and at the same time, it washes the gas with its own condensate, which results both in the greater economy of the process and in a higher quality of clean biogas.

This technology is useful also to capture and transport biogas flow from the source production to the biogas use facility. Energy or chemical product production like Biomethane or H2.

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