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FLOX-principle for FLOX Gas Burner

Fire without flame – efficient, clean and stable
FLOX® stands for » FLameless OXidation « and describes the combustion technology which was discovered by Dr.-Ing. Joachim A.Wünning in the early 90’s. Since this time, it has been continuously improved, and is today the basis of all our burners.

The following figure shows the temperature distribution in a furnace operated in FLOX® mode. Fuel and combustion air react in a homogeneous reaction volume downstream of the burner nozzles, whereas in traditional flame combustion the reaction takes place in a highly intensive reaction zone attached to the burner nozzles. The ignition is induced by the recirculation of hot combustion gases.

This results in lowest NOx emissions, even when high air preheating is applied. Furthermore, it allows you to burn low calorific value gases without any problems on flame stability. Due to this homogeneous distributed reaction, the temperature stress caused by peak temperatures is low and average temperatures can be increased significantly without changing the materials of the boiler.


LCV gas burners

e-flox has dedicated experts on the combustion of low calorific value (LCV) gases. For different types of gases like cold landfill gas with extremely low calorific values or hot tary product gases of pre-gasifiers (see figure), there is a suitable solution for you.

Typical Applications:

  • Land fill gas flaring or thermal utilization
  • LCV gas from PSA upgrading process for biogas (natural gas substitution)


Compact LCV combustor

The compact design LCV combustor was originally designed to serve PSA digester gas upgrading systems for municipal biogas or sewage sludge fermenters. It is able to burn up to 100 Nm³/h (NCMH) of LCV gas. Because of methane concentrations in the LCV gas of 7 Vol% it can burn the gas without auxiliary fuel. It can burn up to 15 Vol% . The detailed design is adopted by varying the size of the integrated gas and air preheaters.

Furthermore, the combustor can be combined with a condensing boiler for wate heat utilization, supplying heat for the heating of the fermenters. The pay back period for such a system is surprisingly short, especially when taking into account the rising fuel prices.  Combustor and boiler can be supplied pre-tested in a 20 feet container.


Modular scalable LCV combustor

This type of LCV combustor is designed for a maximum of flexibility, so you can adapt it the the LCV gas quantity and composition of each project. The size and the number of the burners can vary for this purpose. The circular reactor design shown below is good for LCV gas flows of 250-1000 Nm³/h. For largest systems, we pre-maufactur rectangular combustor sections with 3 or 6 burners each which are then mounted on the construction site. Such a design is good for LCV gas of several thousands of m³/h. The combustor can be shipped together with different types of waste heat boilers. If the system replaces a natural gas fuel oil boiler, the whole system pays back just by avoiding the auxiliary fuel costs.

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