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Flare Stacks

UF10 High Temperature Range: The UF10 range of flares offers the customer a fully compliant solution to flaring of its landfill and waste gas, these units are proven technology and meet all the Environment Agency requirements in terms of emissions and are designed and procured to fully meet all requirements in terms of ATEX and DSEAR certification. The UF10 range comes various standard ranges in terms of flow rate and starts at 10 Nm3hr through to 10,000 Nm3hr and again is available for both short and long term hire and purchase.

UNIFLARE - Flare Stacks

UFU10 Power Generation/Utilisation Range: The UFU10 range of flares and gas utilisation equipment are generally tailored to suit the customer’s application and specific requirements and offer seamless control of the waste gas between its utilisation application and the flare stack, these units come in various sizes from 10 Nm3hr through to over 10,000 Nm3hr if required.

UNIFLARE - Flare Stacks

UF10 Leangas Range: The UF10 Leangas range of flares are specifically designed for the closed and declining in gas landfill sites. Using Uniflare unique burner design that has 100% proven track record with emissions standards set out by the Environment Agency and their guidance on flaring LFGTN-05 these units offer a cost effective solution to controlling the landfill gas once at lower calorific values past site closure. We supply these units in a number of flow rate sizes and to different design such as containerised and skid mounted and as it does not rely on a contact supplementary fuel offer also a low OPEX solution to handling the landfill sites declining gas both safely and compliantly. Uniflare have designed and manufactured many of these units and have them installed and operational across the globe.

UNIFLARE - Flare Stacks

UFO Range: This range of equipment offers the customers either a long or short term solution to dealing with their waste gas. The UFO Range are all skid mounted for easy and rapid installation and can be easily moved around site for flaring surplus gas and carrying out pumping trials, they come in various sizes in terms of flow and range from 1 Nm3hr to 10,000 Nm3hr and are available for both long and short term hire and purchase

UNIFLARE - Flare Stacks

UFO-ENV Enclosed Shrouded Flares Range: The UFO-ENV range of flares are predominantly used on AD Plants and Waste Water Treatment Plants as emergency flares where the criteria for the flare is that it needs and invisible flame but does not need to meet emissions standards due to the hours of operation it would ever perform. Again Uniflare designs and manufactures these to our customers specification and using its unique combustion technology provides a system that is reliable and if fully compliant with ATEX, DSEAR and all other relevant directives.

UNIFLARE - Flare Stacks

UFGB Gas Booster Range: The UFGB range of gas booster units are specifically designed to meet our customers’ requirements and design parameters. All the equipment and design is provided through our in house design department and manufacturing facility and we supply these units globally to many industries and different applications such as landfill gas extraction, landfill gas power generation plants, AD Plants, Waste Water Treatment Plants and many other industries that process waste gas, methane and air.

UFGB Gas Booster Range

UFGTP Gas Train Package Range: The UFGTP range of systems are a Turnkey solution offered by Uniflare to the gas handling and process including all the equipment and pipework required to connect from an AD Plant or Wastewater Treatment Plant digester outlet through to the CHP/Boiler/Gas Upgrader/Flare Stack inlet and includes all the equipment required to both process and handle the gas but also deliver it to its end source at the inlet conditions it requires. All the equipment is fully designed and manufactured in house and provides our customers that the system will be delivered to site both to the highest quality but also a system that is fully integrated and matched.

UFGTP Gas Train Package Range

UF10-VAB Vent Air Burner Range: The UF10- VAB range of flares are specifically designed and used in conjunction with Siloxane removal plant, the unit is used to safely combust the re generation air from the Siloxane Plant and using the Uniflare combustion technology provides a flaring system that uses a small amount of the waste gas to compliantly combust the vent air and meets emission standards set out in the Environment Agency LFGTN-05 documents.

Uniflare Flare Stacks

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