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GasTechno® Mini GTL® small-scale plant: Monetizing Natural Gas with Methanol 

Designed for the small scale conversion of natural gas, biogas, landfill gas, coal bed methane, etc. into valuable liquid products such as methanol and ethanol, the GasTechno Mini GTL® plant provides a simple and low‐cost solution with no known competitors.

The Mini GTL® plant operates at a nominal capacity of 200,000 scfd but can accept variations ranging from 125,000 to 300,000 scfd. This scale of operation is unmatched in conventional GTL or methanol processes, where traditional technologies require minimum capacities of 50 mmscfd to be economic, and new micro‐channel reactor technology requires scales exceeding 6 mmscfd to be economically viable.

For larger applications, the GasTechno Small Scale GTL plant with a 5 mmscfd capacity, allows for unprecedented economic returns at a scale yet to be matched by the competition. The GasTechno platform is flexible, extensible and easily customized to integrate with existing natural gas systems.


Simplifying the GasTechno Process

The GasTechno® process converts natural gas into methanol in a single, simple step. The patented process uses a proven, field demonstrated partial oxidation reactor system that is effective on high and low BTU gas. The carbon efficiencies exceed traditional Fischer‐Tropsch technology without expensive pre‐treatment, catalysts or complicated processing steps.

The introductory Mini‐GTL® plant further simplifies the GasTechno process by producing a raw blend of liquid alcohols. The alcohol blend is then refined at a central processing facility that services several local or regional Mini‐GTL plants. The Mini‐GTL® plant is an industrial‐strength field processing unit that operates automatically, requires only minimal direct observation, and can be operated and monitored remotely.


What about the cost of the GasTechno® Mini GTL® small-scale plant?

A complete GasTechno GTL plant can be scaled down to 1 mmscfd; the GasTechno Mini‐GTL® plant can be scaled down even further, to 200 mscfd in which case final processing of the raw liquid product is performed at a central processing facility.

Although the economic factors are positive at this mini‐scale, the presence of a central processing facility is necessary for final separation of the GTL product blend. Scaling up to the 5 mmscfd GTL plant significantly improves economic indices.



GasTechno® Mini GTL® small-scale plant - biogas digester supply GasTechno® Mini GTL® small-scale plant - Landfill Gas Supply Applications


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