Product Description


A fully containerized Biogas Upgrading System.

Cost-effective solution to deliver RNG for small to medium-scale projects.

Get your standardized biogas upgrading system running faster with a scalable turnkey solution designed for easy deployment, seamless maintenance, and optimal lifecycle cost.



Plug and Play: Simple, Flexible and Scalable

Modularized, fully containerized units for quick installation and plug-and-play operation: pre-assembled, pre-connected and pre-tested. As your biogas production grows, Biostream allows for fast and easy expansion of your biogas upgrading capacity. Simply add an additional Biostream system to increase your RNG production capacity.


Reliable Core Technologies

A cut above competing biogas upgrading solutions. Our biogas upgrading’s core technology uses our proprietary PSA system, one of the most compact, economical, and reliable gas purification systems available today. The PSA’s unique fast-cycle rotary valve technology and advanced adsorbents are optimally designed to maximize methane recovery, even when levels fluctuate. Changes in feed impurity are automatically adjusted for continuously upgraded biogas production while consuming significantly less energy.

RNG Purity: 97+ %
Methane Recovery: 99.0+ %
Turndown: 40%-100% (Optional 20%-100%)
Capacity: 450 NCMH (280 SCFM) per Biostream container


Ivys’ PSA systems

Ivys’s skid-mounted PSAs are also available for larger biogas flows and deliver RNG.



Thanks to its unique rotary valve technology and advanced adsorbents, Ivys’ PSA systems offer unmatched proprietary advantages compared to conventional PSA systems.

These advantages include:

  • Compact
  • Easy And Fast Installation
  • Flexible Capacity
  • High Methane Recovery


Ivys’s skid-mounted PSAs for Hydrogen and Specialty Gases

Ivys’ Hydrogen Purification and Generation Solutions efficiently upgrade hydrogen-containing reformate, petrochemical process gas streams and refinery off-gas streams to pure and ultra-pure hydrogen. Ivys provides the most compact, economical and reliable PSA systems available today.




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