Umwelt- und Ingenieurtechnik GmbH Dresden (UIT) is a German manufacturer and supplier of Bioreactors and Biogas Test Equipment and provides also various environmental monitoring solutions.

With the focus to provide high quality and reliable equipment we are helping to optimize processes for biogas plant operations and provide useful tools for biogas analysis, research and development with the goal to optimize digester operation and maximize methane production.

As a classic engineering company with own production facilities we are in position to provide standard equipment, but also custom-made bioreactors andbiogas test systems that is specific to your technical require- ments and within your budget and your timeline.

UIT Bioreactors and Biogas Test Equipment is made in Dresden, Germany. We produce all systems according to highest level of quality and ship it to our customers worldwide.


Why choosing UIT?

Our laboratory-based Test Plants determine the potential biogas output of fermentation substratesin several modes. Depending on the design the test plant comes with a bioreactor made of glass in a cylindrical shape and different working volumes.

Sensors for temperature control and measurement of pH as well as gas amount, speed and torque of mixer (other parameters on request) provide important information to the Data Acquisition System SENSOcontrol.

The plastic top cover provides ports in different sizes to take all standard electrodes and fittings for sampling or feeding.

The gas quantity is measured through a high quality gas drum meter.

In addition to our basic systems we provide a more complex version which additionally includes a central gas analysis module.

With this add on module we supply an option for the online analysis of gas composition of methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrosulfide and hydrogen.

Because of its modular design, the number of reactors and therefore the total working volume is flexible and, optionally, it can be upgraded with further sensors to monitor other parameters.

Almost any measurable probe can be added at a later time. Our Biogas Test Equipment provides a tailored solution with integrated gas analysis module combined with the flexibility of a rackmounted modular system.


Our specialisations

UIT’s bioreactors and biogas test equipement specialize in many fields, such as:

  • Plant construction
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Water technology
  • Mineral ressources

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