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Develop or test your technology

With our standardized biogas test and bioreactor systems, we support you in application-oriented research to improve your process understanding and increase efficiency in biogas production.

Our innovative product solutions are based on high-quality hardware and software which, in addition to remarkably high accuracy and precision, also offer a significant reduction in the time and effort required to carry out your analyses.

The different dimensions of the systems enable tests from laboratory to pilot and container scale, ensuring that the results can be easily transferred into practice.


Test your substrate before invest

It’s not just research centers that follow the UIT motto “Test before invest”. Suppliers of large biogas plants and nutrient suppliers are showing increasing interest in testing fully equipped biogas pilot plants as early as the planning phase to optimize fermenter operation and maximize methane production.

It is precisely the existing trends that dictate high prices for biogas feedstocks which increasingly often leads to considerable difficulties in operating biogas plants economically.

The BTPs also give customers the opportunity to adapt existing large-scale plants on a small scale to the suitability of the raw materials to these new challenges. Thus, ensures continuous, stable and sustainable operation prior to the adaptation of the large-scale plant. This saves time and can significantly reduce investment costs.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Standard and customized solutions;
  • Flexible, modular design, easy to upgrade;
  • Easy installation and maintenance;
  • Reduction in the time and effort for analyses and tests;
  • Better process understanding;
  • Remote access to analysis data and system configurations;
  • Particularly good transferability of the results into practice;
  • Satisfied customers worldwide.

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