Product Description

BTP2 – Analyzer

The BTP2 Analyzer biogas test plant is the solution for a highly equipped bioreactor, which is available in various reactor sizes (from 5 to 1000 litres).

In addition to the basic measurement technology of the BTP2 biogas test system (pH; gas volume; temperature and optional redox potential), a gas analyser (CH4; CO2; H2S; O2 and optional H2) is also integrated in this system. For the analysis, the produced gas is collected in gas bag and the gas analysis is performed automatically if a sufficient amount of gas has been collected. Even smallest gas volume flows can be reliably recorded and analysed. This system can be combined with AS2 pump modules and autosamplers from UIT.

The BTP2 Analyzer biogas test facility is used in particular in the scientific field as well as for substrate and gas yield tests. This system is perfect for product development (enzymes, nutrients), process optimization and characterized by a high degree of equipment and automation.

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