Product Description

Modular Bioreactor Plant

The BTP-sterile reactor is made in glass and of stainless steel. This offers the possibilities to sterilize (autoclave) the bioreactor before the start of the experiment. It is equipped with an advanced gastight shaft.

The reactors are available in the following sizes: 5/8/10 litre – other sizes on request.

Furthermore, this system is ideally suited for product development (enzymes, nutrients), process optimization and biotechnology applications.

This system is characterized by an extensive basic equipment, e.g. sensors, SENSOcontrol, pumps for pH-control and optional pumps for feeding and discharge.

Additional it is possible to inlet 3 gases in the bioreactor. These gases can be mixed before. A valve matrix is used for this purpose. The whole volume flow is controlled by a mass flow controller.





  • Bioreactor sterilizable
  • Glass reactor with different volume 5/8/10 Litre – other sizes on request
  • Double wall reactor (jacked) or unjacked reactor
  • Stirrer with gastight shaft
  • Heating optional cooling of reactor
  • Dosage pumps for pH-control/ feeding/discharge
  • Gas inlet for 3 gases with mixing unit plus one Mass Flow Controller
  • Measurement equipment:
    • pH/ LDO/ Redox/ CO2 / cell density temperature
  • Gas quality measurement System – optional
  • SENSOcontrol with touch panel
  • Optional accessories listed


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