Product Description

BTP2 – Biogas Test Plant with Reactor Volumes from 80 Litres to 150 Litres

The BTP2 biogas test plant is a plant for substrate tests, gas yield tests and process optimization. This system is already equipped with extensive on-line measurement technology (gas quantity; pH; temperature). The reactors are made of stainless steel with silicone heating mats and available in 80, 120 and 150-litres sizes. The brushless agitator used especially for this application allows continuous use at high torques and speed adjustment via SENSOcontrol. The heating control system T-control is used and allows the target temperature in the reactor to be set automatically with high precision.

The SENSOcontrol data acquisition and control system allows the UIT pump modules to be connected and permits automatic pH control of the substrate.

It is possible to expand the reactors with gas analyzers.

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