Product Description

Mabarex Multi-disc screw dehydrator: An efficient solid/liquid separator

Mabarex offers an efficient multi-disc screw dehydrator for wastewater treatment. The MDQ/MDQ-C multi-disc screw dewatering system works in continuous mode. Under screw rotation, the movable rings move parallel to the fixed rings to provide self-cleaning of filter pores.

In addition, the external drum surface is flushed by water from flushing unit nozzles. The dewatered sludge this dehydrator produces can reach a residual moisture of as low as 75-82%.


Advantages of the Mabarex Multi-disc screw dehydrator

Mabarex Multi-disc screw dehydrator offers advantages such as:

  • Low energy consumption and compact design
  • Self-Cleaning
  • Oily Sludge Treatment
  • Minimal Nuisance
  • Capable of Treating Low Concentration Sludge
  • Very Low Wash Water Consumption
  • Completely Automated and Unattended Continuous Operation
  • Multi-Shaft Construction


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