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Bioselect – A solid/liquid separation technology

At all four sizes of the Bioselect, featuring maximum capacities of between 20 and 150 m³/h (88 and 660 gpm), the dry solids content is infinitely variable between 12 and 38 %. The penetration-proof separation technology can be installed as a stationary or mobile unit. It is very energy-efficient and has a high resistance to wear.

On request, we supply the Bioselect as a ready-to-connect complete unit including control unit and rotary lobe pump. The control unit perfectly matches the operation of the pump and the separator and ensures that the capacity of the Bioselect is used to an optimum extent.

The Börger Bioselect is available in two versions.


Bioselect RC

Bioselect RC Boerger - liquid separation technology

Unit for pressing out solids Discharge through a sealing disk without the risk of penetration. DS content up to 38% in the solids.

Bioselect RC is limited to the essential – separation of the solid from the liquid phase. The Bioselect RC with the Multi Disc, a rotating, safe thick matter sealing disk, is available as a standard machine and also as an automatic version. The thickening rate can be adjusted steplessly by the initial pressure spring. The compressed solid matter plug presses against the Multi Disc, an attached scraper edge causes the loosened solid phase to fall down. This ingenious concept does not require hoppers or storage tanks.

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Bioselect BS

Bioselect BS Boerger - liquid separation technology

Unit for thickening of media in an enclosed system The thick matter is conveyed for further use by means of a pump.

The Boerger Bioselect BS 50 is the ideal machine for separating solids and liquid.

The Bioselect BS is a combination of the separation machine and two Rotary Lobe Pumps. These three drive units are joined with a special control unit with various control and safety components.

The separator is load-triggered. The feed pump only conveys the volume which the Bioselect BS is able to process. The high density solids discharge pump determines the degree of thickness If required, the user can thicken for example 4% DS content liquid manure into 12% DS making it suitable for a tanker. Likewise, pig and cattle liquid manure as well as fermentation residue can be thickened to for example 22%, without making any mechanical adjustments to the machine.

The BS 50 can be easily integrated into an existing system. The compact solids/liquid separator can also be used as a mobile unit.

The Bioselect BS can achieve throughput volumes of up to 60 m³/h – no problem at all.

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