Product Description

Mabarex Grinders: Reliable wastewater treatment

The Muffin Monster® and Channel Monster® grinders along with other JWC Environmental wastewater treatment equipment are recognized for their quality and reliability.

These grinders are used in pumping stations and sludge pretreatment systems. They are robust grinders that shred all large and solid material that could hinder the proper functioning of your system.

They are a good alternative to screening in pumping stations.


Advantages of the Mabarex grinders

The Mabarex grinders have multiple advantages:

  • Grinders with double shaft – grinds a wider variety of solids
  • Cartridge type mechanical seal – suitable for line pressure up to 6 bars (90 psi)
  • High flow rate lateral guides – Increase flow and reduce pressure drop
  • Easy and flexible installation – fits existing piping or channel with little or no modification
  • Compact and efficient design – The design of knives and gear reducer allows the use of 2.2 to 7.5 kW at 10 HP


For more information, read the brochure here.

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