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Dry Claw Vacuum Pump – MINK MM 1104 AP

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INDUSTRIAL vacuum generation – high performance, low maintenance

MINK MM claw vacuum pumps have been specially designed for dependable industrial vacuum generation.

MINK claw technology combines performance, reliability and efficiency through an innovative design. It can be used for both, vacuum and compressed air generation. The dry and contact-free operating principle provides the benefit of nearly maintenance-free operation.

MINK vacuum pumps and compressors are perfectly suited for industrial applications, in which constant vacuum or overpressure and oil-free operation are essential.

Substantial energy savings compared to conventional vacuum generators, minimized operating costs.

Nearly Maintenance-Free
Dry and contact-free operation.

Proven design, more than 200.000 vacuum pumps in operation.

In the Biogas handling market, this vacuum pump can be used in the following applications: circulation, upgrading – water scrubber, upgrading – membrane and upgrading – physical scrubber.

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