Product Description

HV Series – GMa Roots High Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum Blowers

Vacuum blowers HV Series have been designed for conveying air and neutral gases and are especially used in industrial high vacuum technology. With its extended range of models, a nominal capacity from 180 m3/h to 97.000 m3/h is covered. The pressure ranges from 10-3 mbar up to approx. 200 mbar abs.

Roots vacuum pumps equipped with inverter offer the following advantages: high performance (increased capaciy), flexible use, competitive costs, low power consumption, possibility of revamping on already existing plants.


  • Packaging machines
  • Vacuum chambers
  • Thermoforming machines
  • De-aeration tunnels
  • Freezing chambers
  • Dryers
  • Oil decontamination
  • Chemical processes
  • Degassing materials
  • Drying medicinal products
  • Solvent recovery systems
  • Distillation systems
  • Drying transformer systems
  • Lamps and bulbs
  • Semiconductors
  • Solar panels
  • LCD panels
  • Motor/transformer
  • impregnation process
  • Autoclaves
  • Leak detectors
  • Laboratories
  • Thermoforming packaging machines
  • Metallizing
  • Heat treatments
  • Central vacuum systems

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