PVR Vacuum Design: Provide Trusted & Advanced Technologies Since 1964

PVR Srl is an Italian company that offers innovative products and services in the vacuum sectors. They are now celebrating its 60th anniversary since its foundation in 1964. Experience in manufacturing high-quality vacuum pumps has featured PVR history since its early stages.

PVR is active in many companies all over the world, especially in the field of food, chemical, pharmaceutical, packaging, medical, heat treatment and metallization, woodworking and research laboratories sectors.

PVR continues the production of vacuum pumps which began in the Sixties, with the aid of new technologies, as requested from the market.

The experience built in over 50 years, the development of new products, the modern production lines and a trained staff allow us to supply reliable and innovative products.


Tailor-made vacuum systems

Our Research and Development department offers a dedicated support for the every needs in the vacuum systems field.

Our technicians can study tailor-made solutions for the centralization of the vacuum and create ad hoc systems on customer specifications and to meet the needs of the market.


High Quality Service

PVR guarantees a qualified advice for every inquiry thanks to its skilled technical and sales office that supports every project.

The Service Department assists and advises our customers with scheduled servicing, qualified overhauls, and spare parts promptly delivered.

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