Product Description

Heavy Duty Gas Compressors C-Series

C-Series Range

  • Belt driven units
  • Air cooled design
  • Inlet pressure: 1.3 – 227 PSIG
  • Discharge pressure: 3,600- 4,500 PSIG
  • Flow: 76-420 SCFM
  • Shaft power: 50-150 HP

Packing reliable performance into a compact, functional design, our CU oil-lubricated, high-pressure heavy duty gas compressors offer you efficient compression of air, nitrogen, natural gas, hydrogen, helium and other industrial gases.

To ensure operator safety and contamination-free handling of industrial gases, CU gas compressors feature pressure-tight crankcases, so gases remain within the compressor and are not contaminated by atmospheric air. To achieve the specific inlet pressure for your process, you may also choose from our range of standardized or tailor-made designs.

Built for quick installation and minimal maintenance, our CU heavy duty compressors help you get the job done in high-pressure applications, including:

  • NGV refueling stations
  • H2 refueling systems
  • Bottle filling
  • Air-blast circuit breakers

Putting decades of industrial gases experience to work for you, we designed the CU high pressure compressors to handle all typical industrial gases, including:

  • Air
  • Nitrogen
  • Helium
  • Hydrogen
  • Natural gas
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Carbon dioxide

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