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The gas produced by anaerobic digestion processes must, before either being fed into the co-generators or entering the distribution lines, be appropriately dried and filtered in order to both protect the system from corrosion and optimize the overall energy yield.

Adekom meets the specific technical needs of biogas plants regarding to the correct purification and desiccation of biogas, thanks to an extensive range of dedicated biogas solutions.

Specifically designed for water removal of incoming low-pressure raw biogas or high-pressure biogas after compression, KAD(G) is a compact packaged solution suitable for outdoor installation. KAD(G) is mounted on a robust galvanized steel frame with a rigid canopy. The drying process achieved by an efficient refrigeration cycle includes a compressor, condenser and evaporator, plus a water separation/condensate discharge system. All parts in contact with the biogas are in stainless steel, ensuring stable and secure operation and an extended working life.



Our main characteristics include:

  • Compact packaged design mounted in an easy-to-install canopy.
  • Designed for external installation.
  • Gas flow rate from 180 Nm3/h up to 3000 Nm3/h
  • Plug and play, arrives ready to operate.
  • The gas side is entirely in stainless steel.
  • Advanced Heat Exchanger Design reduces energy consumption and safeguards the dew point.
  • High-efficiency stainless steel demister separators with condensate outlets ensure the lowest dew points and the highest operating efficiency.
  • Insulated heat exchangers for maximum system efficiency.

Building on over 20 years of experience in the field of compressed air and gas treatment, Adekom exhibits extensive know-how when it comes to filtration, moisture removal, cooling and the drying of bio-, sewage- and landfill gases.



Full range of KAF(G) inline filters with 4 different filtration grades in matching with KAD(G) gas dryer to safeguard downstream system against impurity particles and oil contamination.


Stainless Steel Filter Housing

  • For capacities up to 50,000 Nm³/h (pressure-dependent)
  • Operating pressures from 100 mbar to 100 bar


All Filters are available with:

  • ATEX Approval
  • Pressure vessel approvals – PED, GOST, ASME, SQL etc.

For any other requests, please contact Adekom.


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