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Biogas Pretreatment: Technologies to increase the gas yield of different input material

We have developed different technologies for the pre-treatment so that every type of biomass can be used efficiently.

  • Maximum possible increase in the biogas yield
  • Biomass reduction and a more cost-effective operation of the biogas power plant
  • Shortening of digester retention time and increase in the organic product loading factor
  • Reducing container volume as well as investment costs
  • Avoidance of floating layers and deposit formation in tanks
  • Avoidance of harmful substances being introduced into the fermenter
  • Reduction of the stirring rate and the plant power consumption


BTS Biogas BIOacceleratorZ - Biogas pretreatment

The BIOacceleratorZ is an Impact-Crusher optimally using the biogas potential of the input substrate and enabling substrates to be fermented which would otherwise be difficult or impossible to ferment. During this process, the input material is split and broken up mechanically by hammers and crusher plates at the bottom of the container.

BIOacceleratorZ BTS Biogas - Biogas pretreatment - Specifications



BIOacceleratorS - Biogas pretreatment - BTS Biogas

The SBIOaccelerator is an extruder which optimizes the input substrate breakdown through defibration in order to achieve a higher biogas yield. New substrate can thus be added faster to the fermentation process. Through a thermo-mechanical treatment of the substrate by means of two juxtaposed, interlocking screws, the input material is subject to an increased temperature, thus reducing power consumption.

BIOacceleratorS- BTS biogas - Biogas pretreatment - Specifications



BIOseparatorW - BTS Biogas - Biogas pretreatment

The raw material passes from a feeder through a lateral auger into a worm gear, which fills the BIOseparatorw. The unpacked biomass, freed from its impurities, is crushed and shredded by grinding mills and a grinding sieve, and flows into a pump receiver tank, from where it either flows directly into a storage tank or can be pumped out. Impurities (glass, metals, plastic, etc.) are ejected through a discharge chute. A drainage screw press, integrated in the discharge chute, squeezes out the fluids still present in the impurities and pumps them back into the process again.

BTS Biogas- Bioseparator - Biogas pretreatment

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