Product Description

Efficiently separate the organic fraction of your waste streams with the BioSqueeze 200

The patented separation process of the BioSqueeze 200 handles almost any waste stream:

  • Without the need for liquids, producing an energy rich and high solids slurry.
  • Containing coarse, hard and abrasive contaminants like stones and metal due to the large cylinder diameter.
  • Producing an organic slurry with different particle sizes.
  • Low operating costs from the use of robust materials and proven design with a long-term performance record.



  • Food waste (e.g. restaurants)
  • Packaged and expired foods
  • Organic waste from private households



  • Input 4 m³ / h
  • Total solids content up to 25 %
  • Screen sizes from Ø 6 to 12 mm
  • Hard particles of sizes up to Ø 200 mm
  • Pressing power 35 bar
  • Power demand max. 15 kW
  • Dimensions (L x W) 4.000 x 2.000 mm
  • Weight ca. 1700 kg


BioSqueze 200 1


BioSqueeze 200 2


BioSqueeze 200 3




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