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Ammongas uses the well-known absorber-stripper system with amine for upgrading of biogas. The process has been used for many years in the oil and gas industry for removal of CO2, H2S other acidic gasses, and is known for being a robust and reliable system.

Ammongas’ absorption process is so efficient that the methane slip to the atmosphere is less than 0.05%. This means that the amount of methane gained is more than 99.95%.

Due to the efficient process a high concentration of methane in the separated biomethane stream of 99% is achieved. Furthermore, Ammongas’ amine upgrading can remove down to less than 50 ppm of CO2 in the biomethane stream, and thereby prepare the gas for liquefaction.

The robust technology and process of the upgrading process, results in low operational expenses, as well as a high up-time, with an average up-time of 99% including service.


Advantages of an Ammongas Upgrading Plant?

Designed to your needs
We use our experience and expertise and cooperate with you to tailor the plant to your specific needs.

No pre-treatment
Expensive pre-treatment of biogas is not necessary with an upgrading plant from Ammongas.

Large savings
An upgrading process with pressure saves a lot of costs in the building phase and less expenses in maintenance.

A long life
The parts in na upgrading plant from Ammongas are robust and of high quality, which ensures a long life.

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