Product Description

Complete Landfill Gas to RNG Systems

Gas RNG Systems, the single supplier for high BTU RNG plants, offers complete landfill gas to RNG systems in US and Canada.

Their systems include the following parts:

Nitrogen Rejection

  • Vacuum pressure swing adsorption (VPSA)

Oxygen Depletion

  • DeOxo units

Biogas Compression

  • Positive displacement blowers
  • Oil injected screw compressors
  • Reciprocating piston type compressor

Biogas Dehydration

  • Glycol loop with chiller
  • Thermal swing adsorption (TSA)

Biogas Desulfurization

  • Iron chelate gross desulfurization
  • Activated carbon fine desulfurization

NMOC and Siloxanes Removal

  • Thermal swing adsorption (TSA)

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Separation

  • Hollow fiber membrane separation

Vent Gas Incineration

  • Regenerative thermal oxidizer

Emergency/Off Spec Gas Incineration

  • Enclosed flame flares


Complete Landfill Gas to RNG Systems Diagram

Gas RNG System - Complete Landfill Gas to RNG Systems Diagram

See examples of completed RNG projects HERE.


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