Product Description

The Wangen Xpress Pump

The Xpress pump range has been specially developed for easy maintenance and to considerably shorten the servicing time and thus reduce costs. Reliable pumping of media, along with fast rotor/stator changes are ensured by the X-LIFT quick change system developed by WANGEN PUMPEN. The X-LIFT flange is constructed on standard flange design principles.

The Wangen Xpress Pump can address your needs for loading the separators in the rigorous operation of your biogas plant.


Loading the Separators

WANGEN pumps perform special tasks in biogas plants such as loading the separators for separating solid and liquid phases.

Conveying the substrates with their mostly high dry substance contents (DS) requires sophisticated pump technology. Optimum pumping results are guaranteed by the flow-optimized suction housing and a constant joint diameter which prevents the plaiting of long fibers.

Wangen Xpress


Specifications of the Wangen Xpress

Performance Data

  • Flowrate: up to 56 m³/h / 246.6 gpm
  • Maximum differential pressure: 6 bar / 87.02 psi
  • Temperature: max. +60°C / 140 °F
  • Viscosity: up to 20.000 mPas
  • Dry Substance Content: max. 8%


Benefits and Characteristics

  • The pump remains in the system when changing rotor/stator, thus considerably reducing the amount of installation work
  • Changing the complete drive section of the WANGEN Xpress can be carried out using 4 standard tools, quickly and easily
  • Quick change of shaft seal
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Low Life Cycle Costs
  • Low servicing costs


Fields of Application 

  • filling
  • transfer pumping
  • feeding


Suitable for the following media

  • bentonite
  • bilge water
  • flocculants
  • electroplating sludge
  • bovine manure
  • raw water
  • thin, excess and digested sludge
  • lime milk
  • Household and industrial waste water
  • fermentation residues
  • dispersion paint
  • fermenter digestate
  • press water from separator
  • Cleaning and washing water from agricultural processes
  • Cleaning water from milking parlor
  • activated sludge
  • organic recirculates
  • paint and lacquer sludge
  • oil and bituminous emulsions
  • flotation sludges
  • binders of the wood- and paperindustry
  • secondary fibers
  • household and industrial waste water with neutral pH
  • lubricants and coolants with neutral pH
  • grease separation
  • rinsing mud



  • Fully developed, robust universal joint
  • Service-proven sealing systems

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