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Pumps for Conveying Substrate

WANGEN pumps are perfect for biogas production plants due to their combination of sophistication and longevity. They convey various types of biomass material, such as liquid manure from livestock farming, vegetable scraps and food waste as well as renewable raw materials, e.g. corn and gras silage, whole-crop-silage and dung, in each case mixed up with liquid manure or recirculates.


Pumps for Loading Separators

WANGEN pumps perform special tasks in biogas plants such as loading the separators for separating solid and liquid phases.

Conveying the substrates with their mostly high dry substance contents (DS) requires sophisticated pump technology. Optimum pumping results are guaranteed by the flow-optimized suction housing and a constant joint diameter which prevents the plaiting of long fibers


Pumps for Feeding Solid Materials

With WANGEN BIO-MIX pumps, solid materials are conveyed into the pump via the jaw hopper and mixed there with liquid from fermenters, after-fermenters or liquid manure tanks. Only then is the mix transferred to the fermenter.

The advantages of feeding in liquid with WANGEN BIO-MIX pumps:

  • Good mixing in of the solid materials (less stirring required in the fermenter)
  • Trouble free conveyance over large distances and great differences in height (e.g. when extending biogas plants)
  • Several fermenters can be loaded with one feeding system
  • Optimum mixing in of even difficult solid materials, e.g. grass silage and solid manure.

WANGEN BIO-MIX pumps prove that we combine experience with a readiness to create application-specific production innovations. Our aim is the trouble free operation of biogas plants.


For more info, read the Conveyance Anaerobic Digestion or the Bio Feed X-Lift brochures!


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