Product Description

M-Ovas® Grinding System: Your dependable friend in grinding things down

Universal Use

NETZSCH M-Ovas® grinding systems can be used wherever it is essential that solid matter in fluids be broken down reliably to ensure the prevention of pipe clogging and damage to downstream equipment.
The special design of the M-Ovas® housing carries the solids in the wastewater flow to the cutting plate, where they are held and chopped by rotating blades. This low-maintenance assembly is designed for sludges with a maximum flow of 300 m3/h and a dry matter content of up to 7%.


Advantages of the NETZSCH M-Ovas:

  • high operating safety due to robust construction
  • ease of operation and simple maintenance
  • low operating costs through high operating efficiency
  • optimal price/performance ratio


The NETZSCH M-Ovas® is primarily used in the following areas:

  • Wastewater treatment
  • Anaerobic digestion facilities
  • Rendering plants
  • Organic bio-waste recovery facilities
  • Agriculture
  • Slaughterhouses and recycling plants
  • Paper and cellulose industries
  • Sugar factories
  • Leather manufacturing
  • Thermal station

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