Product Description

Vortex Extraction Digester

Conventional Digester & its issues:

The big disadvantage of the developing and currently established digester technology is that the bottom of the digester is flat and thus the deposits and enrich sands, gravel and other contaminants are accumulated at the bottom of the fermenter making the process slow, resulting in:

Figure 1. Conventional digester – internal agitator & heat exchanger

  • Increased stirring effort and time
  • Reduced efficiency
  • Increased downtime
  • Internal damage (agitators, heat exchangers, layers) while cleaning
  • Safety issues

All of this brings significant losses in the economy and efficiency of the plant.


VED technology & its advantages:

A vortex construction is built at the bottom of the digester, where the sediments are deposited and it is pumped out from the bottom easily with minimal downtime. In addition, the agitators and heat exchangers are present externally and thus eliminating complex factors and safety issues. Thus making our technology:

Figure 2. Vortex Extraction Digester – external agitator & heat exchanger

  • Continuous removal of impurities and sediments
  • High gas production & Reduced downtime
  • External agitators and heat exchanges makes the design simple and safer
  • Reduced operating & maintenance cost
  • Increased profit


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