Product Description

Bolted Steel Tanks

Schumann Tanks is designing, manufacturing, assemble and giving superior service for customized Bolted Steel Tanks all over the world including the requirements of any location.

– Stainless steel tanks
– Duplex Stainless steel tanks
– Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks
– Epoxy coated steel tanks
– Carbon steel tanks
– Galvanized tanks


Application Fields

Storage Steel Tanks for Anaerobic Digestion (AD)

Our team of constructors is constantly looking for innovative new solutions for  Storage Steel Tanks in demand of the industry for the anaerobic digestion sector.

– Drinking water tanks
– Sewage tanks
– Biogas reactors
– Storage tanks
– Sprinkler tanks

The modular developed bolted steel tank with its unique features is a fitting solution to any industrial and agricultural requirement.

The benefits at a glance

High variability

– Tank volume of 50 sqm to 10,000 sqm, with the modular principle configurable
– Smooth and fast adaptation to the changing operating conditions
– Detachability general and the possibility of re-assembly
– Upgrade and downgrade in volume


Low investment cost

– Adaptation of the material on the application, the best possible
– Favourable investment costs through mass production
– Low maintenance costs of the building
– Shortest assembly time


Long life

– Extreme longevity even under extreme conditions
– Continuous quality control externally and internally
– 40 years of experience in tank manufacturing
– Chemical resistance to almost any medium

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