Product Description

Epoxy Coated Steel Tanks

efusion® is the brand name for Balmoral Tanks’ in-house steel panel epoxy coating. This fusion bonded epoxy treatment provides a highly resistant coating to the tank panels.

The benefits of epoxy coated steel tanks against more traditional tank coatings include higher durability to impact, lower cost manufacturing, lower carbon footprint and more efficient design principles.

efusion® is tested to similar stringent standards as glass coated steel and meets, exceeds or provides comparable performance against the following internationally recognised coating requirements:

  • ISO 28765:2016
  • AWWA D103-19
  • NSF®-61


efusion® – an unique design

With value engineering at the heart of material selection, Balmoral Tanks’ efusion coating meets all necessary design life expectations. Key factors in achieving optimum product performance begin with the design and manufacturing process, running right through to installation. Retaining in-house control and quality in each of those critical areas is vital in ensuring consistent high levels of performance of any coated steel tank.

Balmoral’s efusion system, and its inherent performance properties, ensures the end user receives the best design life expectancy available. The company’s quality assurance standards and installation experience delivers a robust product that is more than capable of design life performance.



efusion1500 tanks

Balmoral efusion1500 epoxy coated steel tanks are used in the most demanding and aggressive applications and are suitable for specialised coated steel tank applications such as anaerobic digester tank gas spaces. efusion1500 is also very well suited to operating in high temperature environments.

Tested to 1500V, the efusion1500 coating delivers the highest level of durability and performance available in the storage tank market.



Stainless steel tanks

In addition to fusion bonded epoxy coated steel tanks, Balmoral offers a full range of stainless steel tanks, roofs and ancillaries for use in the water, wastewater and anaerobic digestion industries.

These tanks are available as a complete tank kit in grade 304 and 316 stainless steel, in a combination of grades or as a hybrid tank with fusion bonded epoxy coated steel in the lower rings and stainless steel in the upper rings.



Slurry tanks

Balmoral’s epoxy coated steel storage tanks deliver cost effective performance to the agricultural and slurry storage market. Manufactured and coated at the company’s dedicated powder coating facility Balmoral’s proprietary epoxy coating system delivers a highly durable tank offering many years of virtually maintenance-free service.



Hybrid tanks

As Balmoral offers a range of different tank materials it allows the company to design and engineer tanks with multiple grades of material for different areas of the tank.

By offering a combination of fusion bonded epoxy coated steel grades, efusion and efusion1500, or a combination of materials, efusion and stainless steel, this allows the most cost effective combination of materials to meet storage requirements based on the process design.

Depending on the effluent’s chemical composition, stored temperature and operating conditions, some tank systems will be more aggressive in the liquid to gas/air interface and having a hybrid option deals with this in the most technically robust and budget-conscious way.




  • Agricultural waste/slurry
  • Potable/drinking water
  • Covered municipal waste
  • Open topped municipal waste
  • Municipal/industrial aeration
  • Municipal/industrial settlement
  • Municipal/industrial clarification
  • Digester liquid zone
  • Digester gaseous zone
  • Liquid fertiliser storage
  • Leachate storage
  • Borehole/brackish/seawater
  • Desalinated water
  • Demineralised water
  • Treated water
  • UF water


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