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Roof Structures

Offering a wide range of roof options, Balmoral Tanks provides various solutions for new and existing storage tanks. The company’s roofing range covers a variety of specification demands – from simple debris-type roofs through to full, gas tight digester options.

All Balmoral roof structures are designed in-house, meaning the company offers the most appropriate solution while controlling delivery and service demands. Suitable for new build, but also many retro-fit scenarios, Balmoral Tanks roofing options include:

  • Fusion bonded epoxy coated external beam roofs (for large diameters and anaerobic digesters)
  • 304L and 316L stainless steel external beam roofs (for large diameters and anaerobic digesters)
  • Aluminium geodesic dome roofs
  • Free-spanning 5 degree fusion bonded epoxy coated roofs (for drinking water and wastewater)
  • Tank mounted double membrane roofs
  • Tank mounted single membrane roofs
  • Glass reinforced plastic (GRP)
  • Trough deck (free spanning and column supported options)



Roof Types

316 Stainless steel digester

At the highest end of roof design, the 316 stainless steel skin option is an external beam construction where the roof plates are located below the beams.

This solution is most commonly used in the AD market as gas tight roofs for steel digester tanks operating under pressure, both positive and negative.

This roof is supplied with a 316 stainless steel skin to provide the most robust solution when in contact with the gas space of digester tanks ensuring longevity and a maintenance-free structure.


Aluminium geodesic dome roofs

Balmoral aluminium geodesic dome roofs provide a self-supporting lightweight solution and are used predominantly in potable water, wastewater and for large tank diameters up to 60m.

Constructed in high strength triangulated aluminium sections these dome roofs can be installed on new or existing tank structures. Meeting all current industry standards, they provide corrosion-resistant, low maintenance, reliable weather-proof cover with maximum levels of odour control.

A full range of complementary accessories is available including ladders, platforms and handrails.


Glass reinforced plastic (GRP)

Very similar solution to a coated steel plate roof but provided in a glass reinforced plastic (GRP) material.

This material provides high resistance to corrosion and is generally supplied as either 20-degree pitch or low profile beam and infill solutions. GRP roofs can be sealed, although not gas tight, and manufactured to WRAS standards, meaning suitability for clean water and drinking applications.


Trough deck

Ideally suited for use as a debris roof. This is a low profile roof that is used in low tech applications, such as golf courses or water irrigation.

The roof can be supplied with a fully epoxy coated sub-structure to further enhance its performance capability. If you want to keep it simple, this could be the option for you.


Single membrane

In some respects, a very similar roof to the trough deck system, in so much as it is suitable for low tech applications, such as debris roofs.

Offering a centre column supported fabric roof fixed back to the tank walls. These roofs have been used widely in the agricultural market but have been specified in the water treatment markets.

The single membrane roof can be used for odour control applications so is one to consider if you are looking for tight control on cost while maintaining performance.


Double membrane gas holder

This option is well established in the AD market, offering a low cost option to a sealed, gas tight roof.

Operating with the inner membrane column supported as the gas collection zone, the outer membrane remains permanently inflated so the inner can fill and empty in line with on-site gas production.

This type of roof will never meet the design parameters of a stainless steel digester roof in areas such as pressure but if you are operating with a low pressure rating then this option is worth considering.


Coated steel plate

Balmoral’s coated steel roof comprises of efusion® epoxy coated roof panels supported on top of a full epoxy coated sub-structure.

Offering a fully coated roof structure, the roof is protected against corrosion in every way. This roof can be fully sealed and designed for low pressure applications, so if the contents need to be fully protected, this roof will suit the specification.

A low profile solution, generally at five-degree pitch, but can be designed for higher load scenarios when, for example, permanent personnel access is required.



Corrosion Protection

Tank shell

Balmoral’s cylindrical tank shell design is manufactured using pre-mill galvanized steel, with 305g/m² of zinc coating each side. On occasion, where heavier designs are required, the sheets will be hot dipped galvanized with more than 610g/m² zinc coating on either side. For specialised applications aluminium and stainless steel tank options are available.

All Balmoral tank fittings, flanges and accessories are also hot dipped galvanized as standard with options of epoxy or polyester coatings available. The galvanized coating of the tank shell along with the options of an epoxy performance coating for such applications as potable water or polyester coatings for aesthetic requirements guarantee long durability, low maintenance and extended life-cycle costs of the tank shell. Colour options for the epoxy or polyester coatings are available if required.

On standard galvanized tank designs, the coating of the tank shell doesn’t mean a reduction of the galvanized zinc coatings, the epoxy and polyester coatings are in addition to the galvanizing process.


Tank shell

Galvanized roof purlins are kept out of the stored water to extend the life of the tank roof cover. All nuts, bolts and washers are spun galvanized coated, structural components such as top and bottom angles, wind stiffeners and access manways are hot dipped galvanized with in excess of 610g/m² of zinc coating.



Balmoral, The Best Choice for Your Tanks’ Quality

Balmoral cylindrical sectional tanks for fire protection sprinkler application are manufactured in accordance with FM Approvals. Designs in accordance with NFPA 22 can also be supplied.

Balmoral Tanks strives to provide the best quality product on the market. To achieve this, the company adheres to a production Quality Management System that is accredited to ISO9001:2015 standards. This ensures that all panels and accessories are produced under the most stringent quality audit to meet the required structural and durability performance.

Customer service is of the highest importance to Balmoral. Therefore, the company continually advises clients through all stages of the tank production, from initial proposal and design, through supply and installation to final testing and commissioning. This finely tuned process ensures that specific project parameters are met to the highest possible level.


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