Product Description

The Special “Double-Fold” System

A stainless-steel band and a galvanized steel band are joined with a separation layer. As a result, the proportion of expensive stainless steel is reduced considerably, as are the total costs. The material quality of the Interior stainless-steel band layer is variable, depending on Project requirements – 316 L /316 Ti / 904 / 2205 Duplex Alloy are all available depending on each project.

With this patented process – “Verinox” – the duplex material which has been developed by the Lipp organization, is made up of a sheet of stainless steel which is joined to a sheet of galvanized steel by means of a separation layer. An adhesive sheet is rolled and compressed (sandwiched) between the carbon and stainless alloy. This allows the Barrier to be created so as to provide protection of dis-similar metals to occur.

Three components form the basis for this material that is ideal for tank construction. Not only  does it have outstanding physical properties but it also uses a reduced quantity of expensive stainless steel, resulting in lower costs.

There are no open joints due to the folded design. Various grades of stainless steel are suitable for use inside tanks. A simple steel or galvanized sheet is sufficient for the outside of the tanks as it will be corrosive resistant and able to withstand normal weather conditions.


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