Product Description

Naskeo is expert in designing, constructing and commissioning biogas plants under the technology called “wet process” or CSTR (Continuous Stirred-Tank Reactor). This technology is dedicated to feedstock mix below 20% DM (dry matter). Anaerobic digestion Organic matters are incorporated in


Anaerobic Digestion

Anaerobic digestion Organic matters are incorporated in concrete digester and post-digester tanks, mixed, insulated and heated at 37°C. Within the double membranes above tanks, biogas is stored and H2S is removed by air injection. Biogas is then sent to the valorization unit (CHP or upgrading unit).



Incorporation Naskeo designed a specific incorporation system for solid wastes called ERGENIUM, ensuring the following advantages:

– Feedstock grinding and inerts separation
– Better organic matter degradation
– Enhanced mixing inside the digester
– Increased biogas production
– Reduced maintenance costs for downstream equipment

This incorporation system includes:

– A mixing bowl for solid wastes preparation
– An incorporation tank to mix liquid and solid wastes and catch inerts
– A grinder.

The mix is then incorporated in the digester by pumping.

Naskeo-wet process





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