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About Prodigy Biogas Plant

At Industrial Heroes, we believe that wastewater is not only a problem to get rid of. Wastewater treatment solutions are also a source of added value: they open opportunities to recover water for reuse, and to get a great a return on investment. Now, however, wastewater can also function as a source of renewable energy. “Biogas Prodigy” is our new solution that transforms waste into biogas.

This is achieved by way of an anaerobic digestion process. What this means is that organic material (wastewater, organic industrial waste, farm slurry, etc.) is broken down by bacteria in an oxygen-free environment. The end-product of this process is biogas which can be used to generate electricity, thermal power and biomethane. With “Biogas Prodigy”, waste is no longer waste: it’s what you produce green energy from while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The crucial advantage of our solutions is its modular structure. “Biogas Prodigy” is easy to assemble and install. If need may be, it can also be disassembled and moved to another location.


Fitted for the following industries


  • Municipal Wastewater treatment plants
  • Slaughter-houses
  • Fish processing companies
  • Meat processing companies
  • Fish farms
  • Food industry companies
  • Beverage manufacturing


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