Product Description

Turn Waste to Energy with SUEZ Advanced Anaerobic Digestion Systems

Designed to recycle biosolids and biowaste into methane and valuable byproducts, Suez’s advanced digestion technologies (ADT) use bacteria in the absence of oxygen to break down matter to create biogas. The biogas can be combusted or oxidized and used for heating or with a gas engine to produce electricity and heat; it can also be compressed and used as fuel for vehicles with the cake produced, used as a fertilizer.

Suez’s line of sludge processing systems brings advanced anaerobic digestion to municipal biosolids and organic biowaste applications.

  • Optimal energy balance maximizes system yield and performance
  • Mixing equipment achieves >90% active volume in sludge digesters
  • Uses Smart heat exchangers designed for thick sludge
  • Employs cutting-edge pasteurization technology for Class A sludge processing
  • Combine with GE’s Jenbacher equipment to efficiently transform biogas into energy.

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