Product Description

Biogas from slurries and agricultural residues

Eliopig s.r.l. offers the best technological solutions in the biogas plants sector in order to use slurry produced by pigs, cattle and poultry farms; furthermore, the application of special hoppers allows the possible integration of silage biomasses, fruit and vegetable residues etc..

Each biogas plant is designed on the basis of the biomasses available on site and it is mainly composed by the following sections:

loading modules of solid biomasses with load cells and a system for the biomass introduction into the digester;

Stainless steel mixers with an inclination angle equal to 120° and a propeller which can be adjusted according to the percentage of dry matter contained in the digestate;

  • Digester equipped with a double-layer membrane gasometer;
  • Biogas collection and distribution system;
  • Gas treatment and process instrumentation;
  • Medium and low-voltage electrical system;
  • Hydraulic system;
  • Cogeneration unit;
  • Biological and chemical treatment of the H2S (hydrogen sulfide) contained in the biogas.

Biogas from Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Wastes

During the last years, the disposal collection of household wastes has exponentially increased and thus the valorization of the Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Wastes (OFMSW) too.

Eliopig can offer biogas plants fully supplied with OFMSW; particularly, it uses the best technology in the two main sections that distinguish the OFMSW biogas plants from those ones supplied with slurry and by-products, they are:

  • The waste pre-treatment section, where the waste is cleaned from impurities and mashed in order to be anaerobically digested;
  • After the biogas plant, Eliopig is able to transform the digestate into soil improver through the realization of a composting system.


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