Product Description

COCCUS® CSTR anaerobic digester that has tanks made of reinforced concrete,  operates between 8-12% total solids content, and typically processes 6,000 tons/year and up. This system is designed to economically process:

  • Food
  • Waste
  • Biosolids
  • Agricultural Waste
  • Liquid Manure
  • Energy crops
  • And

For cost-effective removal of hydrogen sulfide, biological desulfurization is integrated into COCCUS®’s wooden roof structure in the gas storage.


  • Low parasitic energy consumption
  • Industrial-grade components with low maintenance
  • Fully automated operation
  • Professional control systems with PLC technology
  • Short construction time
  • Scalable by tank size and by adding more tanks as needed


Technical Components

  • REMEX® paddle mixers with energy-efficient drive units for optimal mixing and continuous gas production
  • Hydronic heating on interior digester tank wall uniformly heats substrate
  • Gas space concrete coating reduces maintenance cost
  • Integrated biological desulfurization in wooden roof structure
  • Dual-membrane roof system provides gas storage at constant pressure
  • Robust feeding system
  • One building for all technical equipment
  • Pressure relief valve is frost-proof and low maintenance


Bioferm - COCCUS design


Applications Examples

  • Nutrient Management: Nutrients are conserved and improved through the COCCUS® digestion process,
    resulting in a more readily-available form of nitrogen for plants. Organic nitrogen is converted to
    ammoniacal nitrogen and organic phosphorous is converted into orthophosphate, making it a superior
    fertilizer compared to untreated manure.
  • Renewable Natural Gas (RNG): creating RNG, electricity or heat from organic waste helps make an operation energy dependant and protect from fluctuating energy prices.


Bioferm: COCCUS picture




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