Product Description

From Waste to Pure Energy in 7 Days

Antec Biogas’s patented biogas reactor is designed to accommodate large internal surfaces. On these surfaces the bacteria form a natural biofilm with extremely high bacterial density. In addition, the biomass is pressed through the reactor from chamber to chamber, which adapts the bacterial flora to the degree of digestion. The biogas reactor is well insulated, which ensures stable heating throughout the whole digestion process. The plant can use one or several types of input biomass. A properly balanced mix of several types of biomass is a prerequisite for a high gas yield.

Our technology has an enormous potential for green energy due to a significantly lower cost compared to traditional biogas plants. In addition, highly effective gas production contributes to quick profits from investments.

  • Efficient
    3-5 times faster production than traditional biogas plants, in addition to utilizing a larger share of waste – up to 95% gas yield compared to traditional 60-80% gas yield.
  • Circular
    Food waste, animal manure, sewage- or fish sludge are turned into gas, which in turn can be used to produce electricity, heat and fuel. Bio residue is decomposed and can be utilized as fertilizer.
  • Profitable
    Our technology has an enormous potential for green energy due to low costs and high gas yield. The system is modular, so biogas plants can be built from a small scale and easily be expanded as needed.


Scalable Technology

Antec’s bioreactors are available in 3 sizes and are produced at the factory. They are delivered by trucks, which makes it easy to get started and expand the facility over time if necessary, at minimal additional costs. Many reactors are built together into powerful clusters that can handle large volumes.

  • Industry
    We offer local small-scale solutions, as well as specially adapted solutions for larger biogas plants. It is a profitable investment for waste management in both fishing and aquaculture industry, as well as for other industrial waste.
  • Municipalities
    By using sewage sludge in biogas production, municipalities prevent odors and polluting the environment with methane emissions. Biogas can provide enough electricity to keep processing at the municipality treatment plant going, as well as ensure significant environmental benefits.
  • Agriculture
    Farmers can invest in their own plants or deliver manure to a shared biogas plant. During processing at the reactor, methane is harvested from the manure. The digestated is then used as fertilizer and can replace artificial fertilizers at the farms. Biofertilizers retain phosphorus and nitrogen but are odorless.

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