Product Description

An innovative, reliable solutions to save energy

Air Liquide offers the Turbo-Brayton technology for liquefaction, reliquefaction and refrigeration of gas such as biogas, methane or LNG. It is an innovative, reliable and efficient solution for cryogenics, designed to save energy. It guarantees a continuous, highly reliable, energy-efficient and 100% oil-free operation.

The assembly of all active elements on the same shaft is the heart of the innovation. The recovery of the expander mechanical power, the centrifugal compressor and the direct drive high speed motor lead to a high overall efficiency.

The operation is very flexible, and the cold power can be adapted from 0 to 100% by changing the rotation speed of the motor, keeping high efficiency on a large range of operation (97% of nominal efficiency @ 50% of nominal cold power). This is particularly adapted to processes where the need for cold power is not constant and where energy saving and reliability are key issues. The MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) of the Turbo-Brayton is 105 000 hours and the time between maintenance is 5 years.


Key benefits of Turbo-Crayton Technology

  • Maintenance-free for 5 years
  • Low electrical consumption and high efficiency on all operate range from 0 to 100% turn down
  • Safe technology: inert process gas, no refill of process gas required (no hydrocarbon mixture)
  • Easy to operate – Unmanned operation, fully automatic
  • Low installation cost and time: plug and play, compact (low footprint and weight)
  • Flash and boil off are avoided thanks to methane sub cooling,
  • Utility-free: no compressed air, no oil, no nitrogen
  • Cold power available instantaneously (less than 5 min) from stand-by mode



A solution adapted to various applications

For refrigeration

  • Refrigeration between 25K and 200K adapted to customer’s needs
  • HTS (High Temperature Superconductor) cooling: SFCL (Superconducting Fault Current Limiter), coil, motor, generator, cable…
  • Cryogenic gas purification and/or separation


For liquefaction

  • All gases with a saturation temperature between 25K and 200K: Methane, air, nitrogen, oxygen, argon, xenon… (up to 70 bars)
  • Biogas
  • Boil off reliquefaction: CnHm, LNG, LN2, Ar, O2


Turbo-Brayton range

Air Liquide Turbo-Brayton Range


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