Product Description

Cupola M1 Cone, the perfect odor control cover for your digestion tanks!

The Cupola M1 Cone are suited to cover pre-tanks and post digestion tanks.

They can be designed to cover the tank for odor containment and rainfall protection or even to be gas tight and to serve as gas storage.



Why should you choose the Cupola M1 Cone for your project?

  • High durability: The high-strength membrane used in the dome has been designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, ensuring a long lifespan for the product.
  • Easy to install: The dome can be installed quickly and easily, reducing the amount of time and labor required for the project.
  • Cost-effective: The ecomembrane M1 Cone dome is competitively priced compared to other tank covers on the market, making it a cost-effective choice for a biogas project.
  • Efficient gas collection: The dome’s gas-tight design ensures that biogas produced in the tank can be collected efficiently, maximizing the project’s energy output.



  • Can be installed in few weeks
  • Allows to cover any round tank
  • An investment cost dramatically lower
  • Can be equipped with drainage system
  • Capture most of gas fumes odors
  • Resist wind and snow


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