Product Description

Modular Floating Cover Systems

IEC’s patented Modular Floating Cover System for ponds, tanks and lagoons is comprised of a series of individual casings (panels/modules), which are connected to form a complete, floating cover system.

How it works
Each individual casing consists of a panel of closed cell insulation encapsulated between 2 sheets of durable geomembrane. The result is a unique floating cover system that provides a big range of insulation values, from R-4 to R-17; and is engineered and manufactured to specific dimensions/basin requirements.

Features and benefits:

  • Very low Maintenance
  • Can be installed on tanks or lagoons of any shape and size
  • Adapts to varying water levels
  • Individual casings are removable to allow access
  • Installed without site interruption
  • Shorter installation time
  • No field welding required
  • Installation requires less heavy equipment
  • No rainwater ponding
  • No gas ballooning
  • High buoyancy and rigidity
  • Hatches can also be provided for access to in-basin equipment


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