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Baker Hughes Avitas CH4 Terrain: Continuous Methane Emissions Monitoring

Industry-leading platform monitors, identifies and reduces fugitive methane emissions

Our integrated monitoring technology, LUMEN, a Baker Hughes business, solves problems that conventional measurement practices critically lack the ability to manage. Inefficiencies of the past have risked severe damage and frequently failed to detect, reduce and prevent methane leaks – the most urgent need facing the oil & gas industry and our environment.
Baker Hughes resolves these challenges by deploying:

  • LUMEN Terrain for continuous ground-based digital methane monitoring

LUMEN has eyes on fleet-wide areas of sites and provides drill-down checks on single sites. When one of our LUMEN solutions detects a leak, it quantifies the rate of leakage and identifies the location by streaming real-time data. Alerts appear on a user-friendly dashboard that enable operators to quickly collaborate and take immediate action.

We recognize that our integrity is on the line. It is imperative that we continue to save costs and most significantly the lives of people who could be harmed by the release of methane.

To achieve this goal, we must protect and preserve the conditions of well sites, refineries, processing facilities, petrochemical plants and pipelines.


Roeslein Alternative Energy (RAE) Case Study

Roeslein Alternative Energy (RAE) owns, operates, and develops renewable energy production facilities—converting agricultural and industrial waste into valuable renewable natural gas (RNG) while eliminating emissions.

Their operations are also sensitive to even small leaks, as biogas with lower emissions intensity during production can be sold for a higher price.

RAE needed a sensitive and reliable quick-detection solution that would meet both their environmental and business requirements.

By installing LUMEN Terrain, RAE now has autonomous, efficient, cost-effective, and continuous emissions monitoring. The system protects personnel, revenue and the environment, supporting RAE’s commitment to responsible operations—and creating real value for its operations.


Manual lagoon inspections are time-consuming and ineffective since only perimeters are inspected with handheld instruments, and can allow leaks to go undetected. LUMEN Terrain, on the other hand, autonomously monitors for leaks across entire lagoon covers, not just perimeters. Autonomous alerts enable operators to inspect by exception, only investigating when their attention is needed.

Biogas trades for up to 40 times the price of natural gas, so a single 100 scfh leak can cause an operator over $5,000 a month. RAE’s LUMEN Terrain system paid for itself within weeks.

Biogas has a typical H2S content of more than 2,500 ppmv, while the OSHA peak exposure limit is just 50 ppm. LUMEN Terrain correlates detected biogas to expected H2S levels, providing an early warning for RAE operators if a hazardous situation is developing.

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